Car Park Gritting


It is vital to properly treat car parks, steps, ramps, fire exits, and other communal areas to defend against both ice and snow; black ice is particularly dangerous. Generally, gritting car parks between the months of October and April protects businesses and residential properties against the possibility of snow and ice. The rest of the year does not generally have low enough temperatures to require a gritting service.


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Include car park gritting services as part of your winter maintenance services in counties nationwide. We cover the whole of the UK and regularly provide comprehensive gritting services for our customers.. CLICK HERE


Businesses must place car park gritting towards the top of their list of winter priorities. Employees and visitors who slip on the car parks of the UK can easily claim damages from the business if.. CLICK HERE


The retail industry is almost entirely dependent on the customer, so what would happen if the car park or entrance to the store was covered in ice or inches of snow? It would almost surely take a loss.. CLICK HERE