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Slipping or Falling on Ice – Visitors to Premises

When someone slips on ice in their own garden or on the pavement while walking around then it’s just an accident and no one is to blame but as soon as the person becomes a visitor to an office building, worksite or superstore it becomes the fault of the owner. Company owners and employers are responsible for the safety of everyone who walks through the gate or drives into the car park regardless of the visitor’s competence, the owner must

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Gritting Workplace Law, Slipping or Falling on Ice – Employers’ Liability

When it comes to a working environment an employer must take every precaution in ensuring that their employees are safe. This goes for every time of year but special attention must be paid in winter particularly as icy conditions can be hazardous. It is in everyone’s interest that the workplace be safe as employee injuries can affect the workflow; the affected worker may need time off but on a grander scale it can even result in a law-suit. As the

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Businesses must place car park gritting towards the top of their list of winter priorities. Employees and visitors who slip on the car parks of the UK can easily claim damages from the business if.. CLICK HERE


The retail industry is almost entirely dependent on the customer, so what would happen if the car park or entrance to the store was covered in ice or inches of snow? It would almost surely take a loss.. CLICK HERE